maandag 2 januari 2017


To fight the war against terrorism, you have to understand that this is a spiritual war in which the heart will be the battlefield.

Who conquers the heart has the victory. When the hate conquers the heart, the hate will rule over the heart and hate will throw the world into the deepest darkness of slavery. A kind of slavery for which the Holocaust was only a beginning.

When the love conquers the heart, the love will rule and the love will lead the world into freedom. A paradise of eternal peace.

To understand the war, you have to understand the Spiritual Heart. The Spiritual Heart is the door from this world to the spiritual world. The Spiritual Heart is situated just behind the breast bone. Your physical heart is situated a little bit to the left but your Spiritual Heart is just in the middle behind your breast bone.

You feel your Spiritual Heart when you have been betrayed by the one you love most. You feel your Spiritual Heart when somebody you love very much, dies. You feel your Spiritual; Heart when you really love somebody. It is the really you. It is the only you. That what you really are in the deepest of your soul. It is the only you who survives when you die. Because the Spiritual Heart crosses the boundaries between life and death. The Spiritual Heart lives in this physical world but your Spiritual Heart lives also at the same time in the Spiritual world. The Spiritual Heart is the connection between this world we know and the Spiritual World. The Spiritual Heart is the doorway to heaven. But the Spiritual Heart can also become the doorway to Hell.

The door of the Spiritual Heart is not a simple door, like the door you pass when you enter a room. The door of the Spiritual Heart is a much more complex door. It is a living door. The door in the Spiritual Heart is  a highly complex living breathing network with many entrances to many different worlds within the Spiritual World.

To understand the Spiritual Heart, we have to understand the fundamental law in Spiritual Warfare. Equal attracts Equal:

Love attracts Love and Hate attracts Hate. Light attracts Light and Darkness attracts Darkness. Freedom attracts Freedom and Slavery attracts Slavery. These are the words from Jesus (Matthew 7:12): "So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you":

Fill your Spiritual Heart with Love and Love will become your world. Fill your Spiritual Heart with hate and hate will become your world. Fill your Spiritual Heart with Freedom and Freedom will become your world. Fill your Spiritual Heart with Slavery and Slavery will become your world.

The Spiritual Heart is also a dangerous doorway. There are many possibilities to open the doorway in the Spiritual Heart. You can open the doorway by alcohol and drugs and brutal loud music like “Heavy Metal”. You can open the doorway by spells and ceremonies in evil cultures like in witchcraft and voodoo. Certain herbs and plants like psychedelic mushrooms offer these possibilities too.

This is the highway. But it is in general a highway not to Heaven but to Hell. Because then you do not really open the doorway in a subtle way, but then you damage the doorway because you break the door open with brutal violence. These damages are very often permanently. Then the doorway in the Spiritual Heart becomes more a wound in a damaged living fragile network. A wound through which spirits from the Spiritual World of darkness can easily enter your Spiritual Heart and you can become easily possessed.

The path to open the Spiritual Heart in the right way is narrow and difficult. Jesus spoke about this narrow path (Matthew 7:13-26): Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it”.

The first step to fight in the war the against terrorism is to defend the doorway in your Spiritual Heart. Because your Spiritual Heart will become the battlefield. And the doorway to your Spiritual heart has to be powerful and strong.

Because when the doorway breaks, the enemy will enter your Spiritual Heart and the enemy will destroy you. The evil world has no mercy. The evil world is like the wolves in the dark forest who have tasted the blood and go for thee kill and the destruction.

Who owns your Spiritual Heart will own you. And when the evil owns your heart, you will have no defense anymore. Your heart will be like the castle with the castle gates wide open and the brutal enemies inside. Where will you hide, how will you defend, who will protect you when the enemy is inside the castle, your Spiritual Heart?

Beware of the wide path of brutal force to open your Spiritual Heart. Because that wide easy path used by so many will only destroy the fragile living doorway of your Spiritual Heart and will set your doorway wide open for the evil world. Because the evil world is very real and very destructive and very present on earth. Walk away from slavery and addictive computer games. Walk away from alcohol and drugs and loud addictive music. Walk away from the addiction of wealth and glitter. Walk away from the noise of the world and the opinions of so many. Do not care what they think of you, do not care what they say of you, do not care how they want you to be. Do not listen to your parents, your family and your friends how you have to be, how you have to behave, what is right and what is wrong. Because they walk in blindness and they do not know. They are not aware of their Spiritual Heart and they never found the doorway to Heaven. They speak without words and they are unable to hear their own Spiritual Heart.

Walk away from the world and go into silence. Go into nature and hear the wind blowing through the leaves of the trees in the forest. Hear the waves breaking on the rocks. That is where you will find silence so that you can finally hear your Spiritual Heart. Become you, just only you. Become your deepest self. Feel your heart. Your real heart. Your Spiritual Heart. Your Spiritual Heart that is able to love, to heal and to listen. 

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