zaterdag 7 januari 2017


The most powerful weapon you have in spiritual warfare is the Power of Love hidden in the Deepest Center of your Spiritual Heart. No darkness, no evil, no dark spirit, no Angel of Darkness, no Demon, no any other creature of the evil dark world of Lucifer is stronger than the invincible Power of Love.

Your Spiritual Heart is protected by a very fine spiritual web that connects your Soul, the True Really You, your Spiritual Heart between the Spiritual World and this Physical World. When your Spiritual Heart is filled with the power of True Unconditional Love, this web is visible in the Spiritual World as a strong and powerful immense bright white light through which no darkness can pass by.  Then this Spiritual Web will protect your deepest inner self, your soul, your spiritual heart.  

In Spiritual Warfare it is the goal of the enemy (the evil world of darkness) to conquer your Spiritual Heart. Some Demons of darkness have the power to produce an unhuman sound, a terrible frightening scream, that cuts during a Spiritual Attack deep wounds into your Spiritual Protection Web. When that has happened, you are wounded in the Spiritual World and from that moment on Demons can easily pass your Spiritual Protection Web and enter your Soul, your Spiritual Heart, your dream world and your world of feelings. After the attack, you will feel totally paralyzed by fear and you will see things you have never seen before. Your dreams will become nightmares and it does not matter anymore of your eyes are closed of open, you will see them, creatures of the world of darkness you have never seen before. You will have no defense anymore. It will be like the front door of your house is wide open and the criminals walk in and out your house whenever they want.

You have become a slave of a world you did not even know that that world did exist. People will not understand you. Doctors will not be able to help you and Priests will have no idea in what for a world you are living now.

Your Spiritual Protection Wen can be damaged in many ways. The Spiritual Protection Web can be damaged by the use of certain drugs and certain plants, by spells and ceremonies in voodoo and witchcraft, during exorcism in Spiritual Warfare, by abuse of alcohol and starvation. To keep your Spiritual Protection Web healthy and powerful and strong, you have to live healthy, do not use drugs and be good and warm loving to other people.

There is no punishment in the Spiritual World. There will be no Angel of Justice after you die to judge you and to punish you for the things you have done wrong in this world during your life on earth. But there is a law in the Spiritual World. What you do in this Physical World effects what happens in the Spiritual World and opposite. Please read the Bible Text: Matthew 7:12

Also what you do to other people will have effect in the Spiritual World. Everything what you do in this world will effect your Spiritual Protection Web. When you kill somebody in the war, it will effect your Spiritual Protection Web. Deep wounds will occur in your Spiritual Protection Web after you have killed somebody or have tortured or raped somebody. These wounds will be the openings through which the Demons can easily enter your Soul, your Spiritual World, Your Dreams, your world that was so innocent and beautiful in the past.  But that world has gone now. Your dreams will turn into nightmares and you will see beings from the world of darkness you have never seen before. You will hear voices you have never heard before. Voices that tell you to kill yourself or to kill other people. Because Demons of the world of darkness like it to kill and to destroy. Demons are filled with the dark power of hate and they hate humans and want to destroy them.

In the Spiritual World you cannot hide yourself behind orders from the General. You caused the pain and the suffering and you will do to yourself what you do to others. When there are deep wounds in your Spiritual Protection Web, no Doctor, no Psychiatrist and no Priest will be able to help you. Even praying will not help you, because the Angels of Love will not be able to hear you.Your heart will be filled with the darkness of the world of darkness and the Demons who possess your Spiritual Heart will fill your heart with so much hate that you will feel ice cold and totally left behind alone in a world of darkness. It will feel like you live in Hell. And that is exactly where you are in the Spiritual World. In the Spiritual World you are like a wounded sheep, laying bleeding on the ground while the wolves gather around you to rip you apart.

Is there hope? Yes, there is always hope. Can you save Yourself? Yes, you can always save yourself. You have to Reconquer your Spiritual heart. You have to become visible in the Spiritual World and then your Spiritual  Heart will recognize you like the Kingdom will recognize the King, and the Father will recognize the Lost Son.

See Luke 15:24 (NIV)

For this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.’

For every person you have killed, you have to save a life. For every wound you have caused, you have to heal somebody’s wound. There is so much suffering in the world. Go around in the world and help the people. Give those who are not heard a listening ear. Feed those who are hungry, give comfort to those who are mourning, give shelter to those who are homeless. Because then, the love you send out into this world will be visible in the spiritual world as a bright white light. And your Spiritual Heart will recognize you as the only master, the only king, the Lost Son that has finally returned to his father. And the wounds in the Spiritual Web around your Soul will be healed and you will enter your Spiritual heart and you will be the only Master of your Spiritual heart and you will send out the Demons of darkness and they will be afraid of your power of love.  

Please see my blog: How to Reconquer your Spiritual Heart:

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