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The Soldiers of Love:
The war against terrorism is for humans a very difficult war. Because the enemy is invisible. Humans do not know the enemy and they do not know the weapons which are used in this war.

Humans are fighting blind against an enemy they do not see and they do not know and they do not understand with weapons they do not know and they do not understand. How can they win this war?

Join our army of the soldiers of love and become powerful and strong and learn to see the enemy. Learn to understand the enemy. Learn about the weapons of the enemy and learn about the weapons we use. Learn the military strategy in the war between love and hate. Learn to understand the battlefield and how to stand ground on our battlefield. How we lose position and how we take over position. How we communicate in this war.

The first thing we have to learn in the War against Terrorism is that our enemy is not our enemy and our friend is not our friend. The War against Terrorism is a war from the Spiritual World that takes place as well on Earth as well in the Spiritual World.

The truth is twisted and the enemy is invisible. Because in Spiritual Warfare we use different weapons than on the battlefield on Earth. On Earth Drones, Satellites, Guns, Software, Hardware, Battleships, Missiles and others are valuable weapons. But they are useless in Spiritual Warfare. Because in Spiritual Warfare the enemy can look straight deep into our hearts and knows everything about us.  And all our secrets are his weapons. All our lies, manipulations, fear and hate will work against us and makes the enemy stronger. People will be set up against people, countries will be set up against countries, continents will be set up against continents, religions will be set up against religions, race will be set up against race. Our fear and our anger is the weapon of the enemy.

The Roots of Darkness:
Because the enemy is not human. The enemy is from a different Spiritual World. He comes from a world of the deepest darkness and slavery is the ground of that world. He has no power over the Earth, he has no power over humans but he has infiltrated our world already so long ago. The first contact has already been made about 4000 years ago during the Egyptian Dynasty and maybe already long before that time. This entity of darkness has several names. Ra is the most well-known name during that period.  

There is a historical relationship between Ra and Lucifer (The Light Carrier):

According to Egyptian cosmology, the Egyptian god Ra, was born out of Nun or Nunu, the primeval abyss (the void). This equates directly with the creation of Lucifer from the darkness of the great Void, rather than from the Light of the FATHER.

Ra, the only important god who was worshiped with consistency, chief of cosmic deities, the god from whom all the early Egyptian kings claimed descent, was the first incarnation of Lucifer on the planet Earth.

Lucifer has also been mentioned in the Bible in Ezekiel 28 and Isiah 14: 12

In the Bible Lucifer is considered to be a fallen angel. Still with the Powers of an Angel but far from God:

The Rise of the Brotherhood of the Snake:
From that time on, many secret societies have passed on the hidden powers and secret symbols, rituals and pathways to connect to the dark world of Lucifer. Because the dark world indeed gives you powers and wealth but it is always a trade. You lose yourself and become as slave of their dark world when you accept their offers. A well-known famous secret society that exist already many ages is the “Brotherhood of the Snake”.

Also, nowadays there are many more or less secret organizations like the Freemasonry who refer to the famous rituals of the Brotherhood of the Snake:

Also many powerful politicians and financial officials have connections through Freemasonry and other more or less secret organizations with the rituals from the Brotherhood of the Snake

The Freemasonry has a history beginning from the Crusaders. There are two streams of Freemasonry. The Rosicrusians, the secret society behind the Crusaders in 1099 A.D. In 1717 the Rosicrucians founded the English Freemasonry. And the second stream of Freemasonry are the Knights Templar, loosely formed by the Rosicrucians immediately following the first crusade. In 1725 the Templars founded the French Freemasonry.

Osama Bin Laden and al Qaeda:
Modern terrorists like Osama Bin Laden and the terrorist organization al Qaeda have their roots in the Muslim Brotherhood which originates from the Freemasonry’s Young Societies.

The Muslim Brotherhood:
Hassan Ahmed Abdel Rahman Muhammed al-Banna founded in 1928 the Muslim Brotherhood

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/ ISIS / IS /Daesh:
ISIS is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Freemasonry’s Young Societies. It is based on the Wahhabi doctrine of Sunni Islam.

The goal of ISIS is more destructive and fits more the Luciferian doctrine of total destruction by destroying all possibilities for the compromise: 

However, the name is not important, but during that time people have learned how to contact the Spiritual World and a connection has been made between that Spiritual World of Darkness and Mankind. When YHWH liberated the Jews form the Egyptian Slavery, the war in the Spiritual World started. It was not the Pharaoh who did not give up the Jewish slaves, but it was Lucifer who did not give up and he wanted his Jewish slaves back. During the Holocaust in the second world war we have seen a return of the evil powers trying to bring the Jews back to slavery.

But the goal has changed. The war has extended. And it is not anymore only the goal to bring the Jews to slavery again but the goal in now to bring whole mankind into slavery.

In this Spiritual War, we have to fight with Spiritual Weapons.

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