vrijdag 23 december 2016


When you are a beautiful soul and carry the power of love deep in your heart, you are a danger for the evil world of darkness. And they will do everything to throw you outside your Spiritual Heart. They will send bullies to you to make your life miserable. They will turn your friends into your enemies. When the evil world is finally successful and you are so deeply hurt and wounded that you cannot live anymore in your Spiritual Heart and you leave your Spiritual Heart and escape into the outside world of fear, depression, the world of parties, the world of drugs and alcohol or you just do not know where to go and you feel terribly alone.

Then your soul, your only true self is at risk. Because outside your spiritual heart, without the protection of your spiritual heart, you are vulnerable for any evil attack.

Because the Power of Love is hidden in the Deepest Center of your Spiritual Heart. No darkness, no evil, no dark spirit, no Angel of Darkness, no Demon, no any other creature of the evil dark world of Lucifer is stronger than the invincible Power of Love.

You are invincible when you are in the center of your Spiritual Heart. Like the King is invincible in his kingdom protected by his army. But the king is weak and vulnerable outside his kingdom without his army. Then the enemy will make a fool of the king and dress him like an idiot and finally after beating him and torturing him they will throw him in their deepest and darkest prisons.

The enemy will always try to drive you outside the center of your Spiritual Heart. When your soul, your truly self, is outside your Spiritual Heart, your Spiritual Heart is empty and open to evil spirits to possess your Spiritual Heart. As soon as the evil world comes into your Spiritual Heart, your dreams will start to change. They will become more dark and more scary. When the evil world takes really over your Spiritual Heart, frightening demons will appear on your dreams. You will start to hear voices. Because the evil world will use your Spiritual Heart to take over control and to turn you into slavery of their evil world. They will command you to hurt yourself, to cut yourself and finally to destroy yourself and commit suicide. They will whisper their evil lies into your soul that nobody loves you and that nobody cares when you just end your life. Nobody will miss you, nobody loves you and nobody even likes you. Everybody hates you.

When these terrible things happen to you, you have to start the war against evil. To survive this evil attack you have only one choice. You have to RECONQUER YOUR SPIRITUAL HEART.  

But how do you do that?  You are like the king outside his kingdom without the protection of his army. Remember then that there is always the power of love. Your Spiritual Heart will always recognize you and will always find you when you want to come back.

Love will become the source of light that will shine upon you when you are lost alone in the darkness of the world. Because love will always recognize love.

The first steps you do to reconquer your Spiritual Heart, your kingdom of love, is to say nice words to the people around you.  Be nice to them. Be kind to them. Love them as a friend. Because love attracts love. Love will find love. Be kind and gentle to animals. When you see a lonely hungry dog, be nice to him and give him something to eat. Give a smile to the lonely ones, give a listening ear to the ones that nobody wants to listen to, be a friend for those who have no friends, give shelter to those who are left outside in the world and have no shelter.

Then your Spiritual Heart will find you in the darkness of the world because the love you just gave to the other becomes visible as a light in the spiritual world. As soon as your Spiritual Heart finds you it will start to protect you and will welcome you to the place where you are really you. Loved and beloved.

You will get a warm feeling just in the middle behind your breast bone. That is the center of your Spiritual Heart and there is where you have to go to. 

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