vrijdag 23 december 2016



When you are a leader in the War against Terrorism, a political leader, a military leader or an executive in secret intelligence, you have to understand one rule in this war. NOTHING WILL BE UNSEEN. Everything what you do, what you think, what you plan, what you have done is well known in the spiritual world. Angels of Darkness and Angels of Love (Light) have the ability to look deep into your soul and they know everything about you. Your deepest secrets are well known to them. Your desires, your ambitions, your fears, everything is well known to them and the Angels of Darkness will use this against you and they will always be stronger than you because they are always a few steps ahead. The know your plans, they know your strategy. And with their high intelligence, they will always design better plans and a better strategy. Without any help from the Spiritual World, you will always loose this war.

The only possibility you have to win this war, is when you fight the battle with the help of the Angels of Light. The Angels of Light will only help you when you fight the battle with a true and honest heart. Do not play tricks with them because they can look straight through you. There are no secrets for them. But when you fight against Darkness, they will be on your side.

That is why you have to fight the war against terrorism with a true and honest heart. There is no honesty in bombing houses with families where maybe a few terrorists are hiding. And where mothers and children are burnt alive in the flames of the war. Because millions of people with empty hearts will be possessed and will become the new terrorists. This is how this evil war works. Make the leaders believe that you have to fight Fire with Fire, Hate with Hate, Killing with Killing, Evil with Evil. And then the evil will win. Governments will be destabilized. Chaos will enter the world. And then the evil will take position and bring the world into slavery.

The only way out is to fight the darkness with light. To fight injustice with justice. To fight manipulation with true leadership. To fight hate with true unconditional love.

Giving shelter to refugees will never promote terrorism. It will cause the opposite. And that is why there are now so many attacks on politicians who really want to give help and shelter to the refugees. Because the darkness fears their light. And the darkness will do everything to destroy these leaders. But everyone who turns against these leaders chooses for darkness and they will become part of their evil world. 

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