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The spiritual world is comparable with the earth. It’s only a different level of existence and being you, yourself in an unknown environment. Like this world there are in the spiritual world save places and dangerous places. When you go in this world to Syria, you enter a warzone which you probably will not survive.

The same happens in the Spiritual world. You have places where it is save and it feels there like heaven and you have places where it is very dangerous and it feels there like hell. Light is a good compass in the spiritual world.

The bad places are there always dark where you can barely see and the worst places are pitch black and that is HELL. In the HELL extremely dangerous creatures exist with immense power and they can easily destroy your soul. Because HELL is pitch black, you have no orientation, and you cannot find your way out. Words and thoughts are not heard in the spiritual world. But feelings are very well heard. The only way to get out of HELL is by praying. Not praying with your mind. Nobody hears that. But praying deep from your heart like a child. Ask for help deep from your heart like a child. Pray to GOD, pray to the Angels of Love, but pray deep from your heart and be like a child. Then you will be heard and an immense powerful bright white light will appear far from outside HELL. The light will cut through the darkness like a sword. And your soul will be released.

The good places are there always light where you can see beautiful colors and the best places are very bright where it feels like heaven. That is because our feelings are visible in the spiritual world and “Unconditional Love” is an energy in the spiritual world that has many colors but the highest stage of love is extremely bright and intense white. In the spiritual world that bright white light is a power that can break through the darkness of the evil world where the demons and the devils exist.

Like there are good people on earth and bad people, in the same way you have good spirits (beings like humans and angels) and bad spirits (like demons and devils) in the spiritual world. The good people are always shining and radiating in beautiful colors of light. The bad people are always dark and the really bad beings are wearing long pitch black robes and they have no radiation at all. I call them the “Black Angels”. They appear like shadows. Their power is the mind. They speak without words but you know what they are telling you. To catch you and to bring you into their world they tell you lies. Their lies are extremely well done because they are in general highly intelligent. Far more intelligent than human beings and they know all your secrets.

The Black Angels are very different from the Demons. Demons are more like animals. Demons are huge and powerful but a very low intelligence. The Demons are of a lower level than the Black Angels. The “Black Angels” control the demons. Like on earth the humans control the animals .

These things you have to know before you want to open the door to the spiritual world. And these things I want to tell your friend who is thinking about committing suicide.

Nobody comes to earth without a reason. We all here temporary and we all have a mission. The existence of every human being is very important. When it is you time you will be called by family or a friend who already passed away before you. They come to get you because it is very dangerous to travel alone through the “In Between World”. You need a guide to avoid all the danger in the “In Between World”

When you commit suicide, then you die before your time. Nothing is arranged then and you wake up suddenly all alone in the “In Between World”. How do you recognize the lies of the Dark Angels, how do you avoid a confrontation with the immense powers of the Demons. Without a guide, it is a very dangerous trip before you finally reach your destination. That’s why it is better not to commit suicide and wait till somebody will come and get you.

Life on earth is difficult but life in the “In Between World” can be much more difficult and much more dangerous. Because our physical body does not last longer than about hundred years in general. But our “Spiritual Body” (our Soul) last for millions of years and maybe eternal. Being wounded or damaged in the Spiritual world can have immense consequences for the rest of your existence.

This poem is about the danger of the “In Between World” when you commit suicide. A Dark Angel may find you there and tells you all the lies about Guilt and being punished. When you believe him, you will become his slave and you will follow him wherever he wants you to go. He will bring you to darker and darker places far away from the bright light from heaven. You will become his prisoner.

But that is a lie. In the spiritual world, there is totally freedom. There is no guilt and there is no punishment. To understand that, you have to remember the past when you were a child and you were happy. That is the magical forest in the poem. And the happiness you feel will be visible in the spiritual world as a light. And “Black Angels” cannot handle the light and then they will have to let you go.

Entering the spiritual world is not something you do in a few months or in a year. It may take many years or many lifetimes before you are ready to enter that world. And it is very important not to enter that world before you are ready. Because that world is very beautiful but also very dangerous at the same time. You have to be able to see from your heart.

Because only your heart is able to discern good from evil. Only your heart can see the love in the spiritual world as a bright light and the hate as a cloud of intense darkness.

Maybe you are Christian, that makes it easier to refer to text in the Bible. I will refer to some text in the Bible to make it easier to understand. Please read the Bible Passage Matthew 20: 1-16 :


The “Kingdom of God” represents the Spiritual world where we go to when we die. In this Parable Jesus speaks about the “Path of the Heart”. Yes, some people follow the “Path of the Heart” their whole life. And that is a very difficult path because you have to feel all the pain and all the wounds deep in your heart. You have to go through pain and loneliness and through suffering to reach finally your deepest self. The really and the only “You”. It is like working the whole day on the land under the burning sun. And the reward, the payment by the landowner, is reaching the door to the “Spiritual Word”, the “Stairways to Heaven”. The door to the “Kingdom of God”.

Some people reach that door in a relatively short time. Like the workers on the land who started at the end of the day. And others are looking for their deepest inner soul during their whole life. Some of them find the door relatively soon and others have to wait their whole life or several lifetimes.

It is important to understand this Parable and to remember this Parable during your voyage in your life. When you really want to follow “The Path of the Heart”. This Parable will give you the strength to go on your path and not to give up. Because walking away from the path means that you leave the land you are working on without waiting for the landowner to give you your payment. “The Doorway to Heaven”

Before you can travel in the spiritual world, you have to understand this world better. Because this world can be very dangerous. Please read this Passage in the Bible Matthew 6:24:


In the spiritual world, there are two important regions. The Kingdom of Heaven where the love rules and the empire of Lucifer where the hate rules. The Bible does not speak much about Lucifer. A few words about Lucifer are written in the Bible Passage Isaiah 14:12 :


The Orthodox Jewish Bible(OJB) speaks about Lucifer, fallen from heaven ( Shomayim) which refers to the original powers of Lucifer from an Angel (Isaiah 14:12).


In different Bible Translations Lucifers is sometimes given different names like Satan in Isaiah 14:12 in the expandes bible (EB):


In many Non Biblical papers Lucifer has often been geven many different names like Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, Leviathan, Elimi, and Astaroth:


The name "Satan" has been used more often in the Bible than Lucifer. In general Satan tries to get power over the people by taking away their faith. Mark: 4:15


The love is visible in the spiritual world as an intense bright white light. The hate is visible as intense deep black. The totally absence of light. The empire of Lucifer is very powerful, very dangerous and everything in his empire is under control by power. It is organized like an army with a very strong hierarchy.

The elements of the Kingdom of Heaven are a bright white light, love and freedom. The elements of the empire of Lucifer is an intense darkness, hate and slavery. It is an empire of power and control, established by a very strict hierarchy of power and control.

Like you cannot serve two masters, you cannot choose for Love and Hate, you cannot choose for God (YHWH) and Lucifer. They are both each other’s opposite. You have to choose for one of them.

When you choose for Love, Hate will be your enemy. When you choose for Hate, Love will be your enemy. This is the war between Love and Hate in the spiritual world. The Demons and the Dark Angels cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The entrance of the Kingdom of Heaven is a wall (barrier) of an intense bright white light. No darkness can go through and pass that wall of light.

The empire of Lucifer is a dark world. The Dark Angels (Angels of Darkness) wear long robes of the deepest darkness. Their faces are very pale. They represent a very Strong Spiritual Authority. Because of their Strong Authority they impress people and they tend to follow them. Never trust them, because they will lead you into deeper and deeper darkness. The places of the deepest darkness are intense black without any light. You have no orientation there and you will never find your way out. That is called HELL where the most dangerous Demons exist. The Demons are under control of the Dark Angels. But the Demons are very dangerous for humans because the Demons possess a very strong destructive power. In the deepest darkness, they are totally blind but you have to be aware never come too close to them. Because they are much stronger than humans.

The Dark Angels are very intelligent and they can read your Soul and know your deepest secrets. They use your deepest secrets to mislead you and to seduce you and lead you into their World of Darkness. Never follow them. Stand your ground. They have no power over you as long you are not in their world. But when you are in their world, they will bring you to slavery and they will never let you go. Only an Angel of Love can save you then. Because the Angels of Love are stronger than the Angels of Darkness. Even when you are in HELL, you can be saved by the Angels of Love. You have to pray to them, from the deepest of your heart. Do not pray with your mind but only pray from your heart, from your deepest self.

That is why it is so important to learn to pray on earth. Because we are used to speak from our mind. But praying is different. You have to learn on earth to pray from your heart, from the only essential you, in the deepest of your heart. That is how you have to pray in the spiritual world.

When you choose on earth for Love, your choice has been made in the spiritual world. And Hate will be your enemy. You will be prosecuted by the followers of Lucifer. Because the war between Love and Hate is not only in the spiritual world but also on earth. You will be hated by many because Lucifer has many followers on earth. Stand your ground. Do not be afraid. Their Hate is their fear. They know in the deepest of their soul that you are stronger. Your Love is stronger than their Hate. Love will become your weapon. Because no shadow of darkness can resist the bright light of Love in the Spiritual world. When you believe in yourself, when you find your heart in the spiritual world and become your heart as your leader, your guide, your compass, your weapon of Love, you will become stronger and grow in strength until you are able to enter the battlefield of the war between Love and Hate.

Please read the Bible Passage Matthew 5:43-48:


This Passage speaks about Spiritual Warfare. When you love your enemies, you will destroy your enemies by the power of love because there is no weapon in spiritual warfare stronger than the power of love. Love is a weapon and can destroy evil powers. But the power of Love is a weapon that can turn against you when you use it when you are not ready for it. When you destroy evil, the empire of Lucifer will turn against you and you cannot fight the battle alone. You have to wait until you have reached the level of love that is so powerful that you will be protected by the Angels of Love who have amazing powers over Dark Angels.

When you reach the deepest of your inner world, in the deepest center of your heart, you reach the door to the spiritual world. It is possible that you will receive (find back) special powers that were hidden for you already since you were born. When you pass that door and enter the spiritual world you will find back your special powers. Be carefully. Don’t use them too soon. Because the world of evil is powerful and very dangerous.

It is possible that you receive (find back) the special power of “vision”. That you can see with your heart deep into the spiritual world. Then you can also see in the human world the human soul. When you look into somebody’s eyes (a little bit behind thee eyes, don’t look at the color or the shape) but look with your heart what you see and feel at the same time behind the person’s eyes. The you suddenly feel how sad the person is or how lonely or how happy. You can feel the love and the hate in the person’s soul. When you see these things, you can help the person by giving joy to the sad ones, friendship to the lonely ones and love to the ones whose heart is filled with hate.

When you give love to the one whose heart is filled with hate, you have to be very carefully. Very often these people are already so much under the influence of the empire of Lucifer that they are almost unreachable and when you reach them, you risk a spiritual battlefield with the evil empire of Lucifer. You are not ready for the war yet. The war between love and hate. When you are ready, you will be invited to join the army of love. Please read the Bible Passage Matthew 12:28 (NIV):


It is possible that when you look into somebody’s eyes (look behind the eyes), you will suddenly look into the eyes of somebody else. You will look into the eyes of an unknown being totally filled with an intense hate. Then you look into the eyes of somebody who has been possessed. Or by a demon or a spirit from the empire of Lucifer.

Then you have come to a very dangerous area. This is the area of Exorcism. Exorcism is to expel demons by the power of love. When you look into somebody’s eyes and you look suddenly into the eyes of a demon, you can capture the demon by still looking into his eyes through your heart. As long as you look into the demon’s soul he cannot escape and the demon tries to force you to look away so he can hide again and escape. The deeper you look, the more you become aware of his most terrible awful soul and you will feel the strong tendency to look away. The longer you look into the demon’s eyes the more you will know about him. You have to look into his eyes while you feel the love flowing into his soul like light shines into the darkness and the darkness cannot hide anymore. When you keep loving the demon, he cannot look away anymore and he is captured while his secrets are revealed to you. Then the war between hate and love starts.

That war feels terrible and very dangerous and is very dangerous. Because now it has become the battle between your soul and his soul. Permanent damage of your soul can be the result of this battle. When you keep looking and keep loving something that is so disgusting then finally his name will be revealed to you. When you speak out his name into the spiritual world the Demon will be expelled and has to leave the person. But before you can call him by his name, you will feel a deep inner fear because your soul knows that now you are challenging the empire of Lucifer. And the war will start. After this battle soon the slaves of the Dark Angels will be send to you. And you will become part of the war between Love and Hate. A war, you are not ready for. Wait until you power has grown and your love has become invincible.

Please read the Bible Passage John 14:6 (Expanded Bible EXB):


Jesus speaks in this passage his most powerful words in the whole Bible. He reveals here how to enter the spiritual world. How we can find the doorway to Heaven, how we find the Kingdom of God. The secret passage hidden deep in our heart that connects our world with the spiritual world. The world we will enter when we die. The world where we came from before we were born. The world that is everlasting. When we compare this Bible text with the Bible text: John 14:6 in the J.B. Philips New Testament:


We notice a small changing in the text. Instead of the “I” in this passage has been used the better translation: the “I myself am”. Jesus is in this text not speaking about himself but about the hidden “I am”. It refers to the Jewish name of God “YHWH” (I am who I am).

The ”I am” is flexible. Many people exist from their intellectual part, that exist somewhere in their brains. You use that intellectual part “I am” when you speak about what you think. Like ”I” think that you are doing that wrong. “I” do not agree with you, you see that totally wrong. “I” think this is a great idea.

Other people exist from their desires. “I” want to be rich. “I“ want to be strong. “I” really like chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream.

Other people exist in their fears. “I” am so afraid that I fail. I am really afraid that nobody will love me. “I” am afraid that that boy or that girl does not like me.

But the “I am” Jesus is speaking about is a very different “I am”. It is the “I am” that you can only hear in the deepest silence of the spiritual world. It is the “I am” you feel when somebody you love, betrays you. That pain in your heart that feels like a bleeding wound. The “I am” we very often do not want to feel. Because we don’t want to feel the pain of our bleeding soul. We do not want to hear how our soul is crying in the darkest hour of the night. We run away and try to escape in alcohol and drugs. In hard working. In parties. In talking so much that we kill the silence of the spiritual world completely.

It takes courage to enter that sacred place. The “HOLY I AM”. That part in the deepest hidden place of your heart. That “HOLY ONLY YOU” that already has been there for so long. The one you were before you were born. The one you will be after you die. The “TRUE ONLY YOU”.

There in the deepest place of your heart you will find the “TRUE ONLY YOU” in the doorway that connects this world with the spiritual world. The doorWAY through which the LOVE from the spiritual world flows through you heart into this world. THE LOVE that is the most powerful weapon in spiritual warfare.

When you find the ”ONE ONLY HOLY I AM” you will find the TRUTH who you really are. You will find TRUE life. Because the spiritual world is the place where we really do exist. And you will understand the Words of Jesus:

John 14:6 (New International Version (NIV))

6 Jesus answered, “I am the WAY and the TRUTH and the LIFE. No one comes to the Father except through me.

“Coming to the Father” means “Coming Home”. Because the Spiritual World feels very much like home. The place where we have always been and where we will always be.

Jesus says that “The only door to the Spiritual World is the door through your Heart”. There are many other possibilities. You can enter the spiritual world by certain drugs or by special herbs from voodoo cultures. By spells and black magic. But all these doors will lead you into the dangerous world of Lucifer from which no one can escape. That is the dark world of evil. But the ”Kingdom of Heaven” is the world where the LOVE rules and you can only enter that world by the love in your heart.

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  1. Hi Haley. Please, can we talk here. That makes it more quiet. Thanks.:)

  2. So can we talk? I need a friend to talk to my friend has cancer

  3. I've helped show love and kindness and care to 5 students at school and 7 more in my community and now they are doing better and know they are cared about and are happy not surrounded by darkness they want to let people know about it and know about me helping but I don't want to be known for it I just want to help those who need it and make the world a better more happy place without being noticed because I don't want fame I just want to make a difference. In which I've already started to do In my community is that a good thing? Is what I've done a good thing?

    1. Thank you for writing me. I did not get a mesaage like I normally get when you post under a poem. I am sorry it took so long. When yoy want to answer sooner, please post under any poem something like :"answer me" and I wil get back here under this blog.

    2. I am so sorry for your family member who passed away. I am really sorry.

      It is very good to do what your heart tells yo to do. Do not give that what you dofor others to much attention. People who need you you will be send to you by the spiritual world. Just follow your heart, becasue your heart knows where to go..:)

  4. Hey can we talk when your available? please a family member of mine just died

  5. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    1. I posted above. Sorry I did not get a message that you have posted on my blog. When I can I will always answer :)

  6. Thanks for those words I was wanting to talk cuz I've been having a bad week I mean you know what already happened well now I'm feeling bad

  7. Thanks for those words I was wanting to talk cuz I've been having a bad week I mean you know what already happened well now I'm feeling bad I just wish I could feel good and be happy

  8. Thank you for writing me. Feeling bad is a compass that guides you to you inner self. It is like pain. When you foot hurts, you have to look at your foot to see what is wrong and find a way to heal it. When you feel bad.. Then do not move away from it. But follow that bad feeling to where it really comes from very deep in your deepest inner self. There you will find answers what your soul is trying to tell you. Feeling bad is the language of the soul.. Always listen to that spiritual pain. :)

  9. Thanks actually it's been physical I'm sick not feeling well honestly wishing I was just in a hole nother world where I was okay and every one is happy and I'm not stuck in the middle of everything going wrong

  10. Physically yes I'm doing good but emotionally not so much

  11. I've tried everything I have done to calm me down before but it hasn't really worked I have a cousin who went through a surgery today and something going on in family that is really stressful just can't focus on school I'm wanting to just cry and I was upping you could talk and calm me down a little bit if your free right now. Please

  12. Hi... I am sorry to hear this. Please cry... That is the language of the soul. Tears are healing the wounds of your soul.

    Do not worry about your family. Worries never help. What has to happen will happen. We cannot look into the Spiritual World and that is the world that really counts. That world lasts forever.

    Praying helps. Becasue whjen you pray with an honest heart, you will be heard. Not that will happen what you ask for, but you can ask for help, for shelter, for protection. I will pray for you :)

  13. Thank you I'm sure right now I'll probably be crying alot because everything is so confusing and getting to me alot making me feel annoyed and stressed out completely

  14. Listen to your heart.Your heart knows you. Knows where you came from. Knows where you have to go to. Only uour heart knows the path you have to follow.

    Do not listen to your mind. Your mind is blind in the spiritual world. Your mind is very helpful to survive here on earth. But your mind does not know your destiny.

    Problems are given to people to make them follow their path. Do not interfere. Let the Spiritual World be the Spiritual World.

    Your path is given to you. Follow your path. Follow your heart. Do what you feel is good. But do never solve anybodies problems. Their problems are not your problems. Their path is not your path.

    Follow your heart, listen to your heart, love your heart. Your heart will protect you by the power of love.

    I will pray for you and I will ask for protection and strength for you.:)

  15. Thank you I'll try listening to my heart more now hopefully I can I just need a quiet spot to do so and thank you for asking for strength and protection for me but I don't think I'll get much and if I do will I notice it because if feels like all of the strength and protection I had is long lost 😒

  16. Imagination is powerful in the Spiritual world. Imagine that you are surrounded by an immense sphere of beautiful powerful bright intense white light.

    Do that everytime you feel weak and under attack. It will protect you becasue what you visualize in theis world will start to grow in the Spiritual World :)

  17. Thank you I'll try that soon but rn all i think i can do is scream and just go away from everything for a while ✂

  18. OK... But stay deep in your heart, There you will find peace. There you will find your path and destiny. There you will find love :)

  19. I'm hoping i find love soon there and can get to where i will be able to stay deeply in my spiritual heart because i just want to cry and leave right now maybe not completely but like get away some where else that i wouldn't be so stressed out

    1. Maybe if I'm there deeply in my spiritual heart then none of this can get to me as easily and i wouldn't be so stressed knowing that i am loved and there is someone who cares and that I'll be okay as long as i stay true to loving others and making others happy which is what im ment for is to make others happy

  20. What's sad is i feel alone and not loved cared about even though I show love and care to everyone πŸ˜”

    1. You feel alone. Becasue your heart is alone. As soon as we go to school and leanr to think we forget to feel. And after a few years we forget where our heart is. How we can be in our heart. Our heart becomes the forgotten world. The ancient forest where nobody comes anymore.

    2. To find your heart back, you have to go through the forest of pain. All the wound have to be healed. And only love can heal your wounds. That is why it is so important to love ourself. Love is a stream of warm feelings. Send them to yourself. When you look in the mirror. Say to yourself "I love you". Because love is a power. Love will heal your wounds. Love will give you strength. When you have finally reached the deepest center of your spiritual heart, you will find true love. Love that you can share with the world. Love that you can give tot he world. Then you will get the power to heal the woundds of the other. But the first step is:: LOVE YOURSELF WITH ALL YOUR HEART:)

    3. Thanks I finally did that for once and now I'm happy

  21. Thanks I'll do that and maybe then everything will get better

  22. I have a question though I may not be able to solve others problems because it is theirs to solve on their own to go down their path... I was wondering could I still be a help to guide them for example I could give them a clue as to how to solve their problem or something just to guide them down the right path if I love them and don't want them chousing the wrong path or trying to get them on to the right and more brighter pathway from when they are stuck on a darker path not headed in the right direction because they are so confused and extremely full sadness and anger and confusion they've strayed somewhat down the wrong path and want to get on the right path but don't know how

    1. By they I really mean a certain persons that I hold very closely to my heart and I love not really wanting to lose her she is like a sister to me and she's been through alot but she's strayed to far down the wrong path because she is scared alone and letting her emotions get the best of her she doesn't have the best influence around on how to handle things so she's been talking to older guys doing things she shouldn't and I know that's not who she really is I want to help her back to her true self because I'm worried that I might lose her before I get to see her again I really want to help her but I don't know how

  23. Hi I'm sorry but I'm not strong enough to stay in can't stand anything anymore I don't belong

  24. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    1. I am sorry that I got your message just today. Please understand that there is a spiritual world. People are thrown in darkness to make them choose. You cannot choose for people. You can be a mirro for them. You can be a listener to them. But you cannot choose for them. Destruction is part of life. It purifies our soul when we feel burning in the dark all alone. Yes, it is terrible. I feel for you and I have felt so many tears for so many frieds. People destroying themselves. But there is a fundamental law in the spiritual world. No one can choose for the other. Peoplel always have to make their own choice.

    2. Please do not forget who you are. A spiritual warrior. You will see many suffering and you have to be and to stay the solid ground to whom they can always return whenever they want, whatever they have choosen. Never judge any choice. You are the listener. he mirror, The silence. That is your strength. Answer questions from your heart. Becasue your heart is the only wisdom you have. It is the only warrior in the war against the darkness.

      When you are calm and the stable ground, your light will start to shine on the darkness. People will feel you. PPeople will come to you. And tthen you will guide them. Becasue the light that shines through you is the light from the spiritual world where we finally all go to. Be cause it is the love that brings us together. Surrender to the love in the depesy in your heart and you will become the solid ground that will save many people. :)

  25. Thank you for that but it's so hard to just sit here and watch her suffer and die inside when I know that's not what she wants she wants to be a better person but she doesn't know how just want to help her but I can't im not allowed to see her or speak to her and it's killing me deeply to not be able to because I'm so close to her she is a part of me we are extremely close and it's like every time she hurts herself I start to cry even when I don't know about it because I feel the pain deep inside when she hurts I love her so deeply she is the closest friend I've ever had we tell each other everyrhing

  26. When you pray deep from your heart. then words have power. Imagine your friend. Make an image of her in your mind and make her as real as possible in your thoughts. Then send a sphere of powerful beautiful bright white light of pure love around her that will shield her from all the darkness. Imagination has power in the spiritual world and when you really learn how to do it, you can protect her without seeing her, without talking to her.

    Before you pray to God, do the same to yourself. Shield yourselff withj a sphere of powerful beautiful white light of love and then speak your words to God, deep from your heart. God will feel your love and will listen to you.

    But you cannot change the world against the way how it has to be. Else there would be no war, no illness, no suffering, no death. Life is an in between stage in your existence. A very short time you will only be in this world. Make love your shield against darkness. Because you will take the love with you when you cross the boundaries between life and death. Love is from the spiritual world.:)

  27. I really need a shoulder to cry on my friend passed in a car wreck and I was hoping to talk to you because I was really hoping as a friend we could talk it's hard on me she wrote a note for me to have if she ever ended up leaving without me even knowing because it just happened randomly and the note made to tell me all our most happiest memories of us doing things together so that I wouldn't forget about her and I'm not going too because I love her and I know she will be with me in My heart always no matter what

  28. ..............I feel very sorry for you....... Love has no boundaries and crosses the boundaries between life and death. You both will come together and see each other again when it is time. We are part of a world that is bigger than us. We do not make these decisions but when it is our time we will be called. Trust in life, trust in friendship, trust in love. Love will bring us all together when we cross the boundaries between life and death. But dobefore it is your tme. Because the life after death is very real. And we are her eon earth to prepare before that life that will come. The world is more like the womb. This world protects us until we are ready. Death is like the birth in a new life :)

  29. There's no way I can stay i can't take anything anymore I've tried so hard but I'm done and I wanna leave unless I have a friend like you to talk to who's there because everything now is just falling apart and I'm dying inside breaking down I can't take anything anymore 😭😭😭

    1. Yes my dearest friend…..the Spiritual World is not easy…..But it is the real world….

      Do you remember that time when you were born? Life became so uncomfortable. The womb became too small for you. You did not fit in anymore. Because you were growing and growing. And something had to happen. But you did not know what. It felt like coming to a dead end. No way out. It felt like you were starving a terrible death. But in stead of starving… Ending your life in a horrible way….You were born and you became that beautiful screaming little baby. Expecting the worst…. but a miracle happened. And you came to this world.

      And that is what happens in the Spiritual World. You feel terrible. Like everything is ending. It feels like you cannot breathe anymore, the world is so dark…. You feel like you are dying a terrible death. But that is Spiritual Growth. You are growing. And slowly, without noticing, you will break through boundaries, you will enter new worlds, a new you. Much greater and much more special and much more powerful. Never give up. Just go for it and let your self be guided by the powers of wisdom and love in the Spiritual World. 😊

  30. Cam we talk again on here please I've been so stressed out and bothered and feel extremely alone and in the dark even though I've loved everyone and done the best I can to feel happy it's like I'm alone in the darkness all the time from all this stress and things that bother me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    1. You are alone because the “you” really needs “you” desperately. When “you” and “you” are really together you become “one” and you will never feel alone anymore…. Because then “you” and “you” are one, whole, complete, the only undividable “you”. The great YHWH. The only “I am who I am”.

      You live in this world (your body) and at the same time in the spiritual world (your soul). And your body and soul have to unify. To become one. To become “I am who I am”.

      Because you are not what your parents want you to be. You are not what your friends want you to be. You can only find through the deepest of your heart. There is the door to the spiritual world. Sink away in the deepest of your heart. Forget this world. And feel that special very very special only you. The you start to connect. Because feeling is in the spiritual world like walking a path. Through feeling you can come everywhere you want..:)

  31. You know your the best friend I have ever had that helps so much

  32. Thanks for that I'll try too as long as I'm not alone

  33. Your words in your poems are so great they help too

  34. You're welcome and I know who I am now I my you (body) and my you (soul) has finally become one☺

  35. Thaml you for helping me and being my friend I don't know if I'd still be here and be the nice kind and caring person I am without you =)=)

  36. Reacties
    1. Very beautiful..Thank you... You are here because so much is waiting for you... The world needs you and that's why you are here :)

  37. am very sorry that I was not there for a long time. Clouds of darkness surrounded me. I could not see. I could not hear. I could not feel. Only love can break through evry wall, of darkness, through every curtain of numbness, through every ocean of leneliness. Sorry I was not there for you. I was nowhere in a place of unseen darkness. Now I am back. I hoe for a while.