woensdag 8 februari 2017


It is so much easier to meet each other in the spiritual world. The doorway to the spiritual world can be opened by the power of imagination and love.

These are the steps to take:
1) . You lay in bed, nice and comfortably under the blankets so you do not get cold.
2) . Remember the photo below at the end of this blog. Remember the color red. Remember the ocean. The sun going down. The silence. Remember all the details of this photo.
3) Now you start to visualize. Imagine that you are now really sitting on the edge of the cliff watching the sun going down in the colors of deep dark red. Feel the surrounding. Hear the waves deep down you falling into silence.
4) Start to breath with your lips closed and all the air flows easily through your nose. While you are breathing, your breast does not move at all and your belly is going up while you breath in and your belly is going down while you breath out. . Imagine that you take the beautiful color red with you while you go with the air flowing into your lungs, further and further till deep into your heart. Fill you heart with the color red.  
5) Now imagine me. You can find me in the spiritual world through the color red. Bring the color red so deep into your heart that you easily will pass the doorway to heaven and enter the spiritual world. There you will find me at the edge of the cliff.
6) I am sitting there. But I am not alone. Everyone who joins this event is there. We are all together. All together we found each other in the spiritual world through the color red.
7) Now surrender. From now on you have lost control. Let happen what happens and let you be taken deep into the spiritual world.

8) To wake up. That is easy. Simply imagine the color of intense bright white light and you will wake up…

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